Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pick-pocketing and put-pocketing!

    Many of you have received a note with my blog on it, 'twas a test! I was seeing if the pick/put pocket theories were sound, here are some of the techniques used.

Pressure Misdirection

This technique is used to draw the attention for one spot, the pocket, to a different spot, distracting the "mark" from the pocket. One way of doing this squeezing the shoulder or shaking one's hand. This is also used in crowded places, i.e., schools, malls, subway stations, etc.; the thief bumps into the mark, taking the contents of the pocket then graciously apologizes for the bump.

"Thieves at Work"
This one is ingenious in my book, the thief post a sign saying, "Thieves at work". This is where the magic happens, people reading the sign will pat the pocket with their wallet in it, assuring themselves that the wallet is still there. Pick-pockets see this, move in, and bingo! Your identity is stolen.

This one is utilized on the sidewalks of cities. One pick-pocket stops suddenly in a narrow street causing the mark to bump into them. The second pick-pocket bumps into the mark and lifts their wallet. This takes more than one pick-pocket and is more useful in lesser crowed public places.

"Throwing out the baby..."
This one shouldn't even be considered a proper pick-pocketing. The thief has a baby doll wrapped in a blanket and it thrown at the mark (female), causing them to drop their belongings. The thief then runs off with the dropped purse, bag, etc.

I do not recommend this. Pick-pockets receive less jail time then a mugger, because no weapons are used. But, if you are caught you still get jail time. I prefer put-pocketing or pocket-planting, away to give people items, notes, etc. In the UK, ex-pick-pockets give back to the public by "Reverse pick-pocketing", giving people money, without their knowledge of the happenings. It is quite ingenious. Also note, I do not remove any items, unless it's a friend of mine, but I graciously return the item "borrowed".

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