Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Issues With My Subconscious.

    I've always been slightly OCD. It wasn't until recently, when I identified my compulsive behaviors, that they were "enhanced". Here is a detailed explanation of what goes on in my psyche.

    My first little issue is: touching people I don't know, especially when they are wet, sticky, or dirty. My subconscious mind looks at them and tells me they're covered in germs. Mind you, I could care less about my personal hygiene, but when I touch people I don't know or visa versa, my subconscious mind goes crazy and frequently draws my attention to the spot which was touch, that is until, I wash the spot. It becomes very annoying, so I avoid physical contact with people I don't know. I have self-defined it as homomysophobia, "homo" meaning human and "mysophobia" meaning fear of germs. I have scanned every book of phobias, but to no avail there has been no record of this fear.
    My second issue involves noticing when things have moved or are missing. When I was a toddler, I would build these intricate Lego sets and when I would leave the room, my mom take a Lego off the top and hide it. I would then return and freak out because a piece was missing. My mom told me this story recently and everything made sense. When I walk into an environment that I am familiar with and some thing had been changed, my subconscious mind notices the change then proceeds to "nag" me that something has changed and won't leave me alone until I find out what has changed. This also happens when reading things: I'll read quickly over something and my subconscious mind will pick up on the bad spelling or incorrect grammar, this in turn causes me to ask them to fix it (there is really bad spelling on Facebook).
    My third skill (I suppose) is noticing patterns, in Facebook status updates, songs, conversations, etc. I was doing my usual Facebook scan, where I peruse over status updates, and I noticed a very depressing pattern in my friends statuses. I asked him what was going on, and he "spilled the beans" so to speak, it turned out that his girlfriend that he loved very much had broken up with him. I gave him some of my "generic" advise and sent him on his way (generic, because everyone in emotional distress, more or less, has the same general issue, heart-brokedness). His statuses changed from then on. This one isn't really a disability but more of a skill that helps me "play therapist".


  1. Your subconscious missed that advise is a verb. "advice" is the noun. :) I remember the Lego thing.

  2. I definitely remember your Lego issue. You HATED me messing up your Legos and yet you would insist I build with you.