Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Paranormal and Extraterrestrial Activities in the Space of 12 months? YES.

I have had a very interesting year...

Alright kiddies! Story time!

"Geese From Space"

It was near the end of my shift, when I received a guest call. I went up to the room, it was a toilet problem. I dipped the auger into the toilet and twirled the snake down. There was something jammed in the toilet that caused me to wake up my boss 4 times for advice. I eventually told the guest that I had to remove the toilet, they denied my request.

"Me and my wife are tired, and our kids are asleep." The guest said.

"I am very sorry for this inconvenience, our morning shift will be able to take care of it." I said, feeling a great amount of failure.

I exited the room and turned right, heading toward the stairs on the east side of the hotel. I stepped up two flights until I was at the roof access door. I stepped into the cool open air and took multiple deep breaths, as to diminish the self-demeaning thoughts.

I pulled out my phone and began to scan a social network, when something in the sky pulled my attention from the 4 inch LCD screen.

In the sky was a V shape of 7 bright orange lights. It gave me somewhat of a surprise but I quickly dismissed it as extraterrestrial. "The Air Force base is nearby." I thought.

Suddenly, each light began to move independently, holding the V like flying geese would. I began to hyperventilate and laugh intermittently. "Oh my gosh!" I exclaimed. I watched breathlessly as the V formation began to rise through the clouds, disappearing into the night sky.

I whipped out my phone and recorded a video on the social network I was on prior to the V. "I just saw a spaceship in downtown Salt Lake!" I said. When the six second video concluded, I posted it on the site, and promptly pocketed my phone.

Later that night, I went back to the site to see if people responded. The video was not there.

"Government cover up." I growled.

"The Shaded Trifecta"

I was having a very lazing mid-summers evening when I decided to star gaze a little early. It was my nightly ritual to lay in my back yard shaded by the streetlights and adjacent house lights. As I listened to my Electronica playlist gazing up into the vast cosmos, I noticed an odd triangle shape with bright dots in a little from the points of the polygon. The craft was dark, but lighter than the black of space. I watched as the craft traveled slowly from north to south, vanishing from sight behind some trees.

"If that was an airplane... Why were there no safety strobes?" I though aloud. "Aliens."

"A House built in the 1800s"

I was having a tough time falling asleep, my paranoia drawing my attention to every little sound that came from the silent house. I began to focus on the sound of my inner ear, and slowly began to slip into sleep.

"Dear Lord."A voice whispered into my left ear.

My eyes snapped open, my heart beating quickly. What did I just hear? Was it my subconscious processing outside sounds incorrectly? I sat up and snapped the blinds open. No one. I slid back into my covers, my heart still beating abnormally fast. I turned on my side, away from the window. As I began to close my eyes, a bright blue orb flew from my bedroom door to the wall opposite my door.

I fell asleep two hours later.

These are all true stories! If you have any explanation as to what happened, please let me know!

P.S. I'm not crazy.

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  1. No. You are not crazy. BUT YOU ARE FREAKING ME OUT.