Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Subconscience and Morals

    You may have noticed my interest in the subconscious mind, I have covered the topic in many of my previous posts. I am developing many theories, as well as truths into the functionality of the psyche. Now, this is an elaboration on a topic my friend brought up. He said he was tired of "picking up the ho's." I told him there were two variables affecting his personality and "picking up 'chicks.'" First, the groups he was hanging out with are most likely not the most "christian." Second, he must change his morals, then will the "attract-ees" will change. The group part was a simple guess, but the morals go more in depth.
    The subconscious is a very complex machine. One job that it does very well, especially in men, is the transmission of testosterone. The amount of man-pheromones emitted, all hangs on your morals. If all you think about is defiling women, then you will pick up the defilable women. But, if you think about respecting women and being polite, then, your personality will change, as well as your morals. So, if you are tired of attracting the "easy" crowd, simply change your morals.

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