Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thoughts are merely Emotions, not Words

    Have you ever wondered, when you try thinking of a word and you can't seem to produce the right word to show what you are thinking or feeling? This is because we think in emotions (I touched upon this in the "Deaf Individuals" post). It hit me when I was talking to my friend about observations of this girl that I had psychoanalysed, and for some apparent reason, I could not think of a word to explain her emotions. I then noticed that I was thinking and feeling her emotion in my thoughts but I could not develop the emotion into words. I also found it was easier to portray the emotion I was thinking, into facial expressions (I don't mean emoticons i.e., ":)", ":P", ">:(", (they are very ineffective to show real emotion). Another issue is my vocabulary does not span across emotion like, angry, delighted, disdainful, etc; and checking a dictionary to come up with the word decent enough to portray my thoughts, let's face it, it is a hassle. Now the next time you can't think of a word to portray an emotion, make facial expressions or think of similes of the emotion, it may give your audience some clue into what you are thinking or feeling.

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