Friday, November 22, 2013

Identical, Identify, Identity

Hetain Patel developed this theory over many years of self development and it can apply to all of us.

When we idolize someone we frequently emulate their actions or personality, subconsciously. We mimic their voice, body language, substance use, fashion, language, etc. I often catch myself acting like Jack Black, I happen to find him very funny and subconsciously hope that other people will find me funny because of it.

I want you to think of that someone whom you look up to, now I want you to identify the ways that you have mimicked this person. Now think of ways you have failed to copy this person. This moves us onto the next point.

The more we fail to be others the more we find ourselves. When we try copying personality the more we figure out our own identity. When we aren't successful at copying others' traits, we realize because of that we become our own individual.

I have been working on a book for the past year and have pulled many ideas from other stories, games, media, etc. As a whole, the book is original, but when you dissect the individual aspects, you can see the different sources I have pulled my idea from. This is like the human personality: as a whole, a person is an individua,l but you can still see the small aspects of outside influence.

It is not bad to copy other people, if we don't dabble in other people's preferences, we will never learn our own. So go out, make idols (identical), learn your own preferences (identify), and find yourself (identity).

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