Sunday, January 22, 2012

Associations... THE WARNING LABEL

    I have told you about most all attributes of the "Associationator". These next tips will save your favourite things by redirecting the subconscious.

#1. Never make an association with a relationship to a favourite song. Everyone picks that perfect song, for the perfect couple, nothing is perfect. I had a relationship that I though would last forever (nothing is perfect), and I had made an association with the song "With Your Love", by Jefferson Starship. Well, as you have probably guessed, it didn't last past a month. Every time I would listen to the song, I would become depressed. Please, if you want to have your favourite song ruined, go ahead and make the association, otherwise utilize this to your own good.

#2. If you are going to have a serious argument, take it elsewhere. Try to avoid parts of the house you are fond with. An argument is negative to the subconscious leaving an imprint of the argument, topic, location, mood, etc. If you are planning on an argument, take it into the bathroom (nobody is overly fond of their bathrooms), take it outside, or if you are at work ask to leave the sales floor, office, construction area, etc. This will protect you from, essentially, hating your job.

I could not think of a third warning, so if you have negative associations comment and let me know what "goes down" in you head. It will really help my research.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Outsourcing Kills!!

           Have you ever wondered why jobs are being cut and factories being shut down all over the U.S, or why everything is "made in China"? One word can describe this, outsourcing. Outsourcing is less expensive than having to pay American workers $8.15 an hour, because countries like China, Taiwan, India, Etc., accept less pay because the U.S. dollar is worth more in their countries. But if it is better for companies to outsource, is it better for the U.S.? I believe it is not, outsourcing is not creating jobs in America, in turn it is ruining our economy.

            There is a large list of companies that started in America then outsourced because it was cheaper. Some big company names are Wal-Mart, Schwinn, and various other toy and electronic producers. But cutting jobs in America and outsourcing to China may be in expensive but it is not better. Cutting jobs in America lowers the amount of workers, who are tax payers, who input money into the economy, therefore lowering the worth of the U.S. dollar and raising the overall national debt.

            Franklin D. Roosevelt once improved the American morale when there was the Great Depression. He created jobs that didn't pay much, but it was money which the American people lacked and the simple jobs gave them hope. Nowadays, we are cutting America jobs and sending them to China, India, Taiwan, etc., severely destroying the American morale, which FDR built up. Why do we choose countries like China? Well, it is simple China, a Communist country, has a "fixed economy," meaning no matter how much debt they owe, the worth of their currency stays the same. Technically this is illegal for the global economy, but companies, like Wal-Mart, find it desirable. Now let me ask you, are we, as the working class, supposed to move to China and get a decent job? The answer is, no, we must fight for our country, our economy, and our freedom.

            But outsourcing isn't completely unjustified. Outsourced companies still contribute to the economy by paying taxes, a decent amount too. Also China, having a cheaper work labor, allows prices to be low. That is one reason why people find Wal-Mart desirable, because of their amazingly low prices. The real reason why Wal-Mart is successful is their "no-demand" system. They have a computer system that tracks what is bought so they can order that item or items. Say you order five Snickers bars, Wal-Mart will order five Snickers bars. This system makes it so there is no supply or demand, this system is very desirable among other corporations all across the world. But the outsourced company’s tax input is not enough to compensate for the American workers who were laid off.

            Therefore, it is my sincere belief that it may be cheaper to outsource but it is not always better. Outsourcing lowers the amount of tax payers, raising the U.S. debt and lowering the worth of the U.S. currency. The American morale is being diminished by outsourcing and job cuts; the economy is receiving the blow of job cuts too. Would you want to see "Made in China" written on every product you buy, or would you rather be assured by the "Made in the U.S." badge?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Issues With My Subconscious.

    I've always been slightly OCD. It wasn't until recently, when I identified my compulsive behaviors, that they were "enhanced". Here is a detailed explanation of what goes on in my psyche.

The Subconscience and Morals

    You may have noticed my interest in the subconscious mind, I have covered the topic in many of my previous posts. I am developing many theories, as well as truths into the functionality of the psyche. Now, this is an elaboration on a topic my friend brought up. He said he was tired of "picking up the ho's." I told him there were two variables affecting his personality and "picking up 'chicks.'" First, the groups he was hanging out with are most likely not the most "christian." Second, he must change his morals, then will the "attract-ees" will change. The group part was a simple guess, but the morals go more in depth.
    The subconscious is a very complex machine. One job that it does very well, especially in men, is the transmission of testosterone. The amount of man-pheromones emitted, all hangs on your morals. If all you think about is defiling women, then you will pick up the defilable women. But, if you think about respecting women and being polite, then, your personality will change, as well as your morals. So, if you are tired of attracting the "easy" crowd, simply change your morals.