Thursday, November 24, 2011

The High Post...

-----BE WARY-----
<This post contains actual events in which drugs were used. The drugs used were 100% legal, 100% harmful, and yes, my mom knows about the events and experiences that occurred.> 

    I thought about posting an excerpt from some Canadian neurologist, but you would just be reading this:

The frontal lobe is an area in the brain of humans and blah blah blah, located at the front of each cerebral hemisphere and blah blah and anterior to the temporal lobes. Something something separated from the parietal lobe by a space between tissues called the central something, and from the temporal blah by a deep fold called the lateral (uh, what?) sulcus. The precentral something, forming the posterior border of the blah blah blah, contains the primary motor cortex, which controls voluntary something of specific body parts...
    So I'll give an excerpt of my first (and last) "high" experience...

    It was this stuff called, "Spice," a synthetic "weed," made from some foreign leaves that tasted like blueberries when you smoked it. Now, you could smoke it in a joint or a pipe, where it would be plain ol' crazy high, or you could smoke it in a bong, Effects x 100! Intelligence - 100. I was a stupid teenager, I picked the bong. Now I don't to get into the details of how the bong works because that's a whole other story. Well, after I finished off the little bit of "Spice" given to me it was now a waiting game to have the effects kick in. About 2 minutes later it hit, and it hit hard. I was so high I could fall over, and I did twice. 
    Now, this high was not like the "hit" you get when smoking tobacco, it was in one location at the top of my head, near the hairline. This is where the Frontal Lobe is located. The Frontal Lobe probably has the most important job: motivation, attention, planning, short-term memory, and concentration. Think of all the "flippy hair" skater kids, no motivation, no attention, "Hey buddy, too much weed?" With the "short-term memory" (
those of you that have gotten high can relate to this), after about 30 minutes I decided to lay in my bed, around 9 p.m. My "high" was so heavy that one second it was 9 p.m. and the next it was 12 a.m. I had lost 3 hours of my life due to a little "fun." The Frontal Lobe isn't just used for those few abilities, it's more complex than that-- oh sorry readers, you thought I was done?
     The main function of the Frontal Lobe involves the ability to recognize future consequences resulting from current actions, to choose between good and bad actions (or better and best), and determine similarities and differences between things or events. This was not affected as much as the first mentioned function. Story time again: The morning after, I felt like something was missing around the Frontal Lobe area, and there was. I texted my friend to tell him "what a great time I had," but something was wrong. When I would spell something out, I would spell it as it sounded in my head i.e. "any" to "eny", "such" to "sutch". I did make techniques to get out of such terrible spelling and vowed to "never ever ever ever ever get high again." 
      How did I repair my damaged brain? Well, with the help of stimulants (i.e. coffee, caffeine), techniques like my "Associations" theory, and classical music. Classical music, you ask? Well, stay tuned sports fans, my next post will be about the mentally healthy classical music.

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  1. "The precentral something, forming the posterior border of the blah blah blah" hahaha. I had almost the same experience but all it took was 16 hits of marijuana. But i didn't listen to classical music, i just fell asleep for about 14 hours and when i woke up,I still felt as if i was in a dream O.o