Monday, October 31, 2011

"What don't kill ya, 'll make you most strong..."

This is a line from Metallica's "Broken, Beat, & Scarred." Today I crashed "Bob", my new/old bike (I'll post pics later), well I wouldn't say crashed, more of a slide...
Ok this is what happened, I was biking through this outdoor shopping mall with intricate parking lot mazes. Anyway I pulled around a grassy island, because every parking lot has grassy islands, and the rear skidded and I slid about three feet... So got up, looked around, climbed back on and continued on, only problem was somehow my bar came out of line... Easy fix!!!
Well I got to Big-5 and suddenly the lyric "What don't kill ya, 'll make you most strong" came in my head, and I finally understood the meaning! If we don't die (a little harsh, but hey!), we can learn, adapt, and fix our problems so they don't happen again.

Lesson learned:
       Never take sharp turns on wet roadway, only wide turns. Also, slow down before you make a turn, especially a blind one, you never know who's coming!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Attractive People... Just a theory...

We've all dated one. The one you thought was for you. The most beautifulist one (yeah yeah not a word). But I have made some breakthrough observations about attractive women.
Attractive women may be perfect... on the outside, but they are commonly sexually, physically or emotionally abused. Attractive women are usually "preyed" upon by sexual addicts. I say preyed because when lions are looking for food, they think of their prey as an item not an actual thing. Men (not all of them) look at women as items. This causes them to be self conscious about their looks or what people think of them, thinking they are, "not good enough." Through all this abuse, they go into another relationship expecting the same from their last relationship but find it may be out of their "norm."
Now this is just an observation...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Long Reach Brake Calipers.... December?

Ok my custom bike is a 78' Schwinn Varsity and I wanted to put 700c rims on them well to turn a 27" frame to a 700c meant I needed Long Reach Brake Calipers... but they're out of stock!!!! So I stopped by the Silverdale Cyclery and they had 27" aluminium rims, THERE IS A GOD!!!! So all I need is new brake calipers and pads.

Eric... oh Eric...

Have you ever met a person where they are so stinkin' smart, they have no social skills? Meet Eric. 5' 7", 160 lbs, extremely smart but he doesn't think before he talks... I work at the Haselwood YMCA, as a life guard (Eric as well). We have these cool waterproof vacuums that clean up sand, dirt, rocks, vomit, Code Brown (fecal matter). Sami, my co-worker, and I were about to put the vacuum in the pool, and Eric whips out the crazy statistics like, "It's a 1 out of 1 THOUSANDTH probability that the vacuum shorts out... I'll warn the swimmers..." So he proceeds to tell the swimmers, who were elderly, that if they climb out of the pool, not to touch the poles or else they will ground themselves and get electrocuted. Sami and I were furious, the horror on the old peoples faces were terrible. I said to Eric, "Dude, you didn't have to say that!"
"Well, I was just warning them just in case." he replied.
Five people leave the pool, "Eric, look what you did."
"I was just saying!" he quickly replied.
Eric is the type of person that if something could go wrong, it will. Also if you tell Eric what to do or pass on a message telling him what to do, he automatically argues.
"Hey, Lauren said to be sure to roam, so you look like your guarding."
"Oh I was, I was just taking a break."
"For 15 minutes?!"
Every rotation around the pool is 15 minutes, so we don't fall asleep or become lethargic. Eric, did you mother ever teach you the word "OK"?
      Lucas Davis