Monday, June 2, 2014

Modern Media: Sex Sells

Here is the verdict, attractive women suffer from self esteem issues, young adult males are spewing with hormones, teenage girls have the sex drive of a cat in heat.
This is modern society.

Why is it that over the past fifty years, sex drive has progressively affected younger people? Let me answer that with another question: how easy is it to access sexual content today?

Cellular phones, television, music, movies, magazines, books, comics, junk mail, newspapers, and computers, can contain sexual content. Have you ever heard of the term “Sex Sells"? This is used by advertisement creators when designing ads directed toward men.

Dating Sites
I recently saw an E-Harmony ad in which a supposed husband and wife begin to make out, and then the old guy chimes in and talks about the lasting marriages E-Harmony creates. Why do I need two people passionately kissing to advertise that E-Harmony is the dating site to go to?

Food Adverts
Why would a self conscious, low self esteemic model eat a greasy cheese burger? No. Would you (young male) eat a burger that a beautiful woman was eating? Kind of silly if you think about it. “I'm going to eat a burger because a scandalously dressed woman is."

Now you may be asking me, “Lucas, how do I protect myself from the sex filled advertisements?" Frankly, move to a place where even the U.S. government can't find you. We are surrounded by visual and subliminal sexual messages. It is nearly impossible to avoid the “Sex Sells" of our visual society. The only way to stay away from these adverts is to watch pre-80's shows and movies... on Netflix.