Monday, September 23, 2013

Modern Media: Moral Desensitization

 ------BE WARY------


Do you remember the 50's where showing skin and having sex out of wedlock was frowned upon? Fast forward 60 years: fashion, language, media, has changed significantly. I will be focusing mainly on the media.

"A new kind of family!"
Television shows and movies portray teenage crowds drinking and having sex, general carefree fun. The only problem is in real life there is jail time, pregnancies and sometimes death. Do you remember ABC Family channel? It is now called "The CW" and includes shows full of sex and drugs. When teenagers watch these shows full of careless and rebellious lives, they get the idea, "well if [such-and-rather famous person] made love to his girlfriend whom he loves very much (in terms of 'I would marry her in a second'), then why can't I have sex with my girlfriend?" These curious thoughts turn into nagging thoughts, which causes "boyfriend" to suffer from sexual addictions, and "girlfriend" to suffer from sexual neurosis (which I will touch upon in a later post).

The ease of finding pornography has changed dramatically from the 1920's to now. Way back when, you would go the a theater and watch a woman dance on the stage. Now, risque media is right under your fingertips. I talked with my coworker a few weeks ago about the effects of pornography, and its highly addictive nature. He told me about how he observed a desensitizing effect it has on the morals. He talked about how it reprograms your morals instantaneously. When watching pornography, you subconscious mind says, "I want a girl as pretty and wanting as that!" Then what happens is:
          A). You find a girl and sexually abuse her.
          B). You never find a girl and continue living in a fantasy land that pornography offers.
          C). You continue viewing pornography and want more than just pictures.

This brings me to my next point."Modern Media and Modern Sociopaths".

Serial murderers or rapists, before their serial days, have figured out "fantasizing just isn't enough." People that spend loads of time by themselves, on the internet looking at desensitizing "things," find that 2D images aren't enough. Pornography morphs normal, everyday people, into potential rapist or molesters. I knew a man that got out of the joint recently because of pornography. It wasn't the fact he was viewing pornographic materials, but the "fantasizing just isn't enough" thought he had. He was already a recluse and extremely antisocial, it was pornography that decimated his morals, and his chance at being normal.

Now it's your turn, protect yourselves and your family from these sources of desensitive images. TV shows about rambunctious teenage activities soaks into the subconscious mind until it is soggy with curiosities. Same with pornography, it is as "destructive as leprosy," steer clear of its infectious nature. Please, please, please, save our future generation from sadness and grief.

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