Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Associations... Plain and Simple...

     Have you ever wondered why after an arguement or incident, that the environment (that the mishap happened in) doesn't fell the same? Well, the human brain makes thousands upon thousands of associations everyday, that's how we remember names and faces. We see someone, we learn their name, the brain says,"Ok, this name with this face."
     In high school when I had to get off of Adderall, for the Navy, my focus and concentration went out the door. Then I (more or less) figured out about the association making in the brain, so I used that to my advantage. So I would meet someone and say there name was Chris, well they just happened to be Christian so I would think, "Chris- Christian, clean shaven, neat hair, A CHURCH GOER." So everytime I would run into him I would recall that information, "He looks innocent (like unto a Christian), well groomed... Chris!" Sometimes it's not that easy... Especially for girls, more specifically teen girls. Teens are easy to psychoanalyze. First off, relationships are life and death, so you can tell whether they are happy or HORRIBLY CRUSHED. Secondly, puberty... 'nough said. So in essence, all teen girls are pretty much the same.

Back to the topic at hand.

     Ok, so I taught my friend Parley, how to use the preinstalled Associationator!!! So, my name for instance, Lucas, you can think Luke, Luke Skywalker, "Luke, I am your father!" Yeah yeah, I've heard it. So if you would learn my name and say to me, "Luke, I am your father!" I may look annoyed, but I won't tell you to shut up. Right then and there, your brain has made an association with Star Wars and my name. So when you see my face, your brain will recall "Star Wars" not Luke or Lucas, because it is simpler information that the brain can handle.

     Now use this information to your advantage! I am giving to you because I have suffered from the worst case of forgetfullness and terrible memory called ADHD...

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