Monday, November 7, 2011

Synthetic Liquid oxygen!

     The ability to produce a synthetic oxygen that is in a liquid form so you would inject straight oxygen into your blood stream. Think of the possibilities, no more asthma or oxygen deficiencies, free diving could be moved to the next level, and snorkeling could be safe for all ages. But to get actual oxygen to a liquid state would take immense cold, -218.350006 Degree Celsius to be exact. Therefore, scientists should develop a synthetic alternative. Let us think for a second, you would not need to breath when walking, running, swimming, sleeping. This will save your marriage from ending because it will stop the snoring and heavy breathing. 
     Now you may ask yourself, "wouldn't I become lightheaded, due to too much oxygen to the brain?" Yes, but there would be an adjust nozzle to restrict the amount of oxygen allowed into the bloodstream. Of course you have to stop using you lungs, which with practice, lung function would cease. 
     Side Effects? Maybe...

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