Monday, October 31, 2011

"What don't kill ya, 'll make you most strong..."

This is a line from Metallica's "Broken, Beat, & Scarred." Today I crashed "Bob", my new/old bike (I'll post pics later), well I wouldn't say crashed, more of a slide...
Ok this is what happened, I was biking through this outdoor shopping mall with intricate parking lot mazes. Anyway I pulled around a grassy island, because every parking lot has grassy islands, and the rear skidded and I slid about three feet... So got up, looked around, climbed back on and continued on, only problem was somehow my bar came out of line... Easy fix!!!
Well I got to Big-5 and suddenly the lyric "What don't kill ya, 'll make you most strong" came in my head, and I finally understood the meaning! If we don't die (a little harsh, but hey!), we can learn, adapt, and fix our problems so they don't happen again.

Lesson learned:
       Never take sharp turns on wet roadway, only wide turns. Also, slow down before you make a turn, especially a blind one, you never know who's coming!

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