Saturday, October 29, 2011

Attractive People... Just a theory...

We've all dated one. The one you thought was for you. The most beautifulist one (yeah yeah not a word). But I have made some breakthrough observations about attractive women.
Attractive women may be perfect... on the outside, but they are commonly sexually, physically or emotionally abused. Attractive women are usually "preyed" upon by sexual addicts. I say preyed because when lions are looking for food, they think of their prey as an item not an actual thing. Men (not all of them) look at women as items. This causes them to be self conscious about their looks or what people think of them, thinking they are, "not good enough." Through all this abuse, they go into another relationship expecting the same from their last relationship but find it may be out of their "norm."
Now this is just an observation...


  1. I agree with you. At some point in their lives, I would guess that most men have viewed women as goals, or items, or objectified them. As long as the man is thinking of what she does for/to/with him, he is not thinking of her first. But it's a pretty strong drive apparently...don't we all know wonderful females of all ages who are not dated because they aren't pretty enough? And the ones that are dated too much are no better off. They don't get a lot of respect for their mind or their feelings, either. So, is "kinda cute" the way to be when we're born a girl in this world, to overcome guy's natural tendencies? I believe that men have more power over change than they think/are taught to think.

  2. I've never dated an attractive woman...