Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Women, Peh! (Part Два)

-------This is a post about women I knew, these are merely opinions, and observations. Please don't kill me--------

When interacting with people I profile them, subconsciously. See, my subconscious mind watches and listens throughout my daily life, and in some cases, begins to build a "story," per say. These are just my observations, because the last thing I want is someone getting mad at me for giving out specific patient information (When I say, "Patient," I mean "Victim").

Victim #1
I knew this girl from school. One thing about her: she was adopted. When being abandon, per say, by parents or parent figures, one tends to become "clingy," to mostly anything. I went on one date with this individual. Even after one date, she thought we were steady; she reached out for the minor affection I offered, and amplified it tenfold, transforming our friendly relationship into an awkward relationship.

Victim #2 

I also knew this girl from school. This girl, ironically, was also adopted. She didn't cling to people, but emotions. She had sexual neurosis. She told me about how she had been sexually abused and never told anyone about it, causing her to be perpetually active in sexual relationships.

Victim #3 

This was a girl I worked with a couple years back. She had severe father problems and a horrible relationship with her family. She was sexually abused by one person, and emotionally abused by another, causing her to have problems with addictive things, i.e. alcohol, sex, and illegally obtained medicine.

Abuse is a horrible thing that causes addiction issues, whether it be emotional, sexual or physical. Women were created to be a help meet to men, not a chew toy for a dog. Men, give women the respect that they deserve. Women, if you are in an abusive relationship, get out fast! Save yourself from addiction and demoralization that abuse causes.

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