Saturday, May 10, 2014

Are Zombies really fictional?

I have been working on a zombie style novel for the past 8 months, and I began to think, "People have been preparing for the 'zombie apocalypse' for some time, what if it has already happened?" We as humans have three instincts: eat, sleep, reproduce. Zombies do the same thing everyday: eat, sleep, infect (reproduce).


I don't trust the government. Men and women that only care about a large paycheck and cheap healthcare. Abusing given authority to receive respect from the survivors (us). Are they Zombies? Mindlessly killing "terrorists" because of a hunger. Zombies hungry for our tax money. Money that is used so the "Police Force" can have a gas guzzling Dodge Charger.

Why have we allowed ourselves to be controlled by the "Zombies" that have the audacity to call themselves "Politicians?" Why are we living in fear of enemies that the Zombies have created? Why do we have to "stick it to the man," when "the man" only cares about our money?

The only way to end this "apocalypse" is to get involved. To fight the good fight against the Zombies and their corrupt peers. We have the right to speak, the right to vote, and the right to reclaim. The Zombies of the government are a virus and they need to be eradicated.

The apocalypse is real. 

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