Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bicycles are Rad

When designing a bike, I start out with the generic frame, then sculpt the lines to make some pretty radical bikes. When designing a bike, I keep in mind the structure; bikes are made of triangles... Well, the simple ones are...

I saw this bike once and it was called an "SUB", a Sport Utility Bike. It was made out of a road bike frame and the rear end of a full suspension mountain bike, and was reenforced with some steel cross bars. I liked the design that I decided to sketching it up.

This one is a personal favorite, it incorporated the structural integrity of the triangle, yet it is differs from other road bikes.

From here on, I was kind of thinking more out of the box, still structurally stable but staying different.

Here I was thinking more utilizing carbon fiber, making it possible to use weird shapes in the frame.

Then I thought, how much structure could you eliminate... How

Remember, these are all copyrighted so don't even think about it...

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  1. Too bad your grades weren't great, seems like you'd make a great engineer or industrial designer. Still a possibility though if you head to college. Nudge nudge.