Sunday, January 22, 2012

Associations... THE WARNING LABEL

    I have told you about most all attributes of the "Associationator". These next tips will save your favourite things by redirecting the subconscious.

#1. Never make an association with a relationship to a favourite song. Everyone picks that perfect song, for the perfect couple, nothing is perfect. I had a relationship that I though would last forever (nothing is perfect), and I had made an association with the song "With Your Love", by Jefferson Starship. Well, as you have probably guessed, it didn't last past a month. Every time I would listen to the song, I would become depressed. Please, if you want to have your favourite song ruined, go ahead and make the association, otherwise utilize this to your own good.

#2. If you are going to have a serious argument, take it elsewhere. Try to avoid parts of the house you are fond with. An argument is negative to the subconscious leaving an imprint of the argument, topic, location, mood, etc. If you are planning on an argument, take it into the bathroom (nobody is overly fond of their bathrooms), take it outside, or if you are at work ask to leave the sales floor, office, construction area, etc. This will protect you from, essentially, hating your job.

I could not think of a third warning, so if you have negative associations comment and let me know what "goes down" in you head. It will really help my research.

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  1. Lucas:
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