Sunday, August 4, 2013

Customer Service Voice and Passive Aggressism

There isn't anything I hate more than customer service voice used in an argument. A couple weeks ago I got in a ridiculous argument with my colleague about how I was taught to clean the bathroom. I work at high end fast-food restaurant as a cleaner from 4 a.m. to 10 a.m. My daily schedule includes clock in, floor mat
cleaning, bathroom cleaning, outdoor cleaning, kitchen cleaning, potato peeling, final detail, and clock out.One day I decided to floor scrub the men's restroom to remove the hard water stains around the tiles. That same day he had shown up 1 hour late. So I finished scrubbing, mopped, began to move to the women's restroom when, "Let me show you how to clean the bathroom." He said with a bright and delightful passive aggressive tone of voice.
"We really don't have time right now." I said, hinting at his tardiness.
He ended up walking away, so I dismissed everything.
So, two hours later, I was setting up for potato peeling and he walked up to me carrying a scrub broom, and said, "Come on Lucas, I'll show you how I taught you to clean the bathroom." He said cheerfully.
"B---, we don't have enough time."
"Well, it won't take very long."
"It's really ok, I have my own routine." I said calmly.
"But you aren't cleaning the bathroom how I taught you!" He said, in his customer service voice, beginning to get very frustrated.
It was then I realized that he was being passive aggressive. Years prior I had not understood passive aggressism (not a word, but there is no other way to explain it), I had thought it was parental abuse of some sort. My mom had always talked about her managers who were passive aggressive, and I immediately thought meant cutting one's hours or somethingerather.
So after I said we didn't have enough time, he proceeded to passive aggressively tell me that I should do it his way (mind you, I was taught 4 different ways to clean the bathroom). He continued trying to make me mad, but I stayed calm and spoke my mind. There was a point in the argument, no joke, I said, "I feel like you are about to ask me if I want onions on my burger."
He about lost it. He ended up getting written up for harassing me.
I also figured out that my colleague probably has an abusive father, causing addiction, masochism or self infliction, and verbal and physical abuse.
In conclusion, if you know someone who is often passive aggressive, "stay calm and carry on," they will soon get frustrated and be written up.

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