Sunday, July 14, 2013

Utah Cops Suck

A few days ago while I was biking my 0300 commute, I was pulled over.

I had just passed Redwood road, when a Pontiac pulls along side me and the driver says, "Why no light?" At first I thought it was some drug dealer, and then my eyes adjusted and it was a cop.
When he said, "Why no light?" I had no idea what he was talking about, until I noticed it was a cop. "Excuse me officer, did you mean, 'why do you not have a headlight, citizen.'" I thought. Utah state law says, from sunup to sundown you do not need a headlight, but from sundown to sunup you need front headlight and a rear reflector visible up to 500 feet (or something like that). The cop was bored and decided to pull me over because I had neither a front headlight and a rear reflector. Granted it is the law but, NO JOKE, BEFORE THAT I'VE BEEN PASSED BUT AT LEAST 25 POLICE CRUISERS. This cop was really bored.
Then! Another cop pulls up in his Charger, turns on his lights, and climbs out, "is everything alright?" He asks.
"no officer I'm hauling 5 kilos of cocaine, and he thinks I'm missing a headlight."
These cops were really bored. Luckily the cop let me go. Then after I rode off the two cops, proceeded to stand and talk for give minutes in the middle of the road.
Utah cops suck.

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  1. Yeah, they're pretty much all like that. At least you weren't driving a car or you likely would've gotten a ticket.